Fissure in Sandstone
N.S. Car Rental has been around for many years since 2012. With much experience in the field, they offer the best rental car deals in the US. From the most affordable cars to the most exotic vehicle, they can help you find the best deals according to your need.

Founded by Naftali Seri, the company started out with the mission of providing flexible rental car solutions. From a team of 5, the company now has over 20 employees, each one contributing to promoting the growth and improvement of the company’s service. Now, the company books with Hertz, Avis, Budget, National, Alamo, Sixt, and other leading rental car providers in the US.

The short-term and long term-rental rentals are two services that the company offers today. Their short-term rentals will include full insurance provided you have a foreign driver’s license. The company is also able to help underage drivers get a rental at competitive prices. While long-term rentals are available for a longer period, it does not normally include full insurance. To get more information about each type of rental, just reach out to their responsive channels.

As a solution provider, the company strives to cater to the special needs of each renter. They are looking to offer long-term rentals with full insurance or short-term rental without insurance. depending on a renter’s requirement. The company is also eyeing to extend its mission to other parts of the world, like Israel. You can access their website, they have one each dedicated for the short-term and the long-term rental needs. It contains the form you need to fill out to get a quote faster without having longer conversations.