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What Is The National Emerald Club?
What Is The National Emerald Club?

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The Emerald Club is a 3-tier loyalty program that rewards all members. Regardless of your status, you will have exclusive benefits and have the opportunity to reap many rewards! Some of these benefits include free rentals, discounted rentals and upgrades.

If you own an Emerald Club membership through the National Car website, then you'll have access to a ton of helpful benefits that will allow you to gain more access to rental & car- buying opportunities. Membership also progresses as you accumulate points and travel miles.

  • With a Rent-A-Car membership, you can bypass the counter and head straight to your vehicle in the U.S; Canada

  • With the National Mobile App, you can use your phone to do fast checkouts at participating retailers and other venues.

  • Get access to a wide range of available vehicles.

  • If you're looking for the best vehicles, then stop by today. We have a premier selection of top-notch vehicles.

  • This new dedicated phone line will make transportation more convenient.