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Should You Use The Hertz Ultimate Choice?
Should You Use The Hertz Ultimate Choice?

Find out if the Hertz Ultimate Choice is right for you and how to use it to make car rentals easier than ever!

Hertz makes it easy and convenient to get the car you want when you want it. No need to go through the hassle of renting a car. Hertz is here with an award-winning 24/7 customer service center where you can book a premier rental car just in time for your trip and their pickup service is free!

Upon arrival at the airport, go to the row of cars with your reservation and choose the right car for you. You no longer have a fixed car, so you can make sure it matches your needs better. A larger-class car is perfect for exclusive use. If you want to live life in style, this is what you need. Talk to our staff about it and get going.

For a small membership fee, you can become a Hertz Ultimate Choice Member and get discounted rates on your rentals. This elite membership is available to all hertz customers and the first step is to make reservation with your Hertz Gold account. When you reserve a spot, you will receive the contact information and directions to your specific section.